GFUEL-Mega Man Blue Bomber Slushee-Vanilla Blue Raspberry Flavour


1 X CAN 473ml

Inspired by one of the most iconic characters in the gaming world, G FUEL’s Mega Man Blue Bomber Slushee is more than just a refreshing beverage; it’s a tribute to the legacy of Mega Man. Each sip delivers an explosive burst of blue raspberry flavour, reminiscent of those thrilling boss battles and pixelated adventures that defined a generation. Crafted with gamers in mind, this unique concoction offers the perfect balance of flavour, energy, and nostalgia, ensuring you’re always ready for the next level. Whether you’re a die-hard Mega Man fan or simply seeking a vibrant energy boost, this slushee promises to transport you back to the retro era while powering up your present-day pursuits.

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